Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Password for the account

Sorry friends, I just forgotten to include the password for the default account in the custom XP Installation CD.
Here it is....
Account: Automated_XP by Anup
Password: anup
Use these details for the logging in. Don't forget to change the password when you login first time.

Automated XP beta release --Fianlly I managed to....

Finaly I have manage to release the beta candidate of the Microdoft Windows XP SP2 including few softwares and tweaks getting implimented on the fly while getting the windows XP installed on the target hard disk.
It is just a fraction achieved of what I have thought before starting the project....
Actually I had the idea of making the DVD installation including Office 2003, Nero 7, PowerDVD 7 and a lot more...
But for now I think ,for now, It is smart enough to make those people comfortable with the XP installation autmating various tasks in the installation procedure..
For the creation of the CD I have burnt a complete night in the days when there is minor exam is just round the corner...
Currently the CD includes few softwares, few registry tweaks, few system mods and a built in totaly customised account.
Finally I request all of you to please report any bugs, any suggestions and any compliments regarding the CD. You can contact me on anup.sggs@gmail.com. Or you can also report them on this blog just by replying this post.
So guys help to make the future releases better than teh best..

Welcome to my first blog...

Hi all
Welcome to my fist blog. First of all thank you for using the custom installation of windows XP SP CD that I have built and deployed.
If you find any bugs regarding the installation CD please feel free to notify me on anup.sggs@gmail.com. Any suggestions and complaints are welcome.