Sunday, December 24, 2006

Pragyaa Website is up...

Hi all
I have just uploaded the Pragaa 2007 website....
The site can be reached at
Now its time to go back to home..
I request you all to go through the site please...
And let me kow any suggestions, Improvement and most important bugs if any.
I am quite sure that there are many bugs still remained since the site was developed so hard and fast that there was hardly any room for through testing of the site.
But I will still try to improve it.
Waiting for your precious suggestions....
You can drop a mail to

Monday, December 18, 2006

New project started....

After a long gap finally i have managed to start my new project..... Pragyaa 2007 Website.
At first I was not willing to contribute Pragyaa this year due to few reasons but last night Avinash convinced me that being a part of institute it is my responsibility to contribute my best to the institute. Thanks to him.
Now I am writing the code for the site. Soon it will be up. Right now I have managed to get the basic design and avigation layout done. The homepage is also over.
If everything happened as planned the I should complete the website today itself and will upload it in tomarrow morning..
You can visit the website at Pragyaa 2007.